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Being as a manufacture and production-orientation enterprises, since its foundation in 2013, Reisli has been adding investment to production equipment,while expanding its scale of production line, so as to enhance its production capacity and competence.
At present, our enterprise has more than 30 automatic production lines with independent intellectual property rights, covering businesses including manufacture of accuracy components and belts’ wheels, as well as advanced production equipment including automatic CNC lathes, processing centers imported from Japan, automatic belt cutting machines, as well as automatic crimping machines.

Production process

Through introducing MES intelligent system , Runice has achieved a comprehensive management on product’s information in the process of manufacture. By precising material codes, we make sure that each batch of components is equipped with its unique identification code for facilitating the abnormal problem tracing, therefore, effectively enhancing product’s quality. Runice strictly follows the procedure of self-inspection, conducting inspections on crucial dimensions on certain time and sum ,as well as inspections over all kinds of dimension,so as to make sure qualified components and stable production.

1. Order Issuing
The internal orders are formed through MES system from sales orders, and issued to following operational departments while starting it.
2. Material Requisition
According to the arranging schedule of working orders, warehouse, following the sequence of first-in,first-out, releases materials to production department by scanning code.
3. Products Changing
According to orders’ schedule , technique group will conduct components adjustment following SOP disciplines.
4. First Article Inspection
Technique group and inspection department, after checking and identifying those new-adjustment components , will input those inspection data into MES system.
5. Mass Production
In production, workers in manufacturing program should check components on time following requirements. Meanwhile, process inspectors should check component’s size on certain time and quarantine, after all those process, relative data should be put into the MES system.
6. Good-In Inspection
All cleaned components will undergo comprehensive appearance inspection before storage,meanwhile,full-size sampling inspections should be carried out following a certain quantity ratio.
7. Packaging & Storage
All those products qualified to standards will be sent to finished-goods warehouse in standard packing and restored, while inputting information into MES system
8. Packaging & Dispatching
Before sending products, casual inspection should be performed, Packaging & Dispatching after qualifying to standards, touching orders to end process.

Process of quality inspection

Basing on the opinion of comprehensive quality management, a of quality management in whole process should be engaged in by all members.

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